Between ancient and modern

/ Freudenstein Castle

The recently renovated Freudenstein Castle enchants with its historic, well-kept ambience. Anyone strolling through the corridors and halls of Freudenstein Castle can sense the long history of this place in every corner and in every detail designed with love. The castle is surrounded by a polygonal ring wall and contains numerous Gothic elements. This includes z. B. the flat carvings from the late Gothic period in the chapel room.

800 years of history

Freudenstein Castle was built in the High Middle Ages, probably by the Eysen fire of Freudenstein. From the 15th century at the latest, the castle was owned by the noble Fuchs von Fuchsberg family. Towards the end of the 19th century, Freiherr Heinrich von Siebold, an Austro-Hungarian Legation Secretary, acquired the property and had it renovated, remodeled, expanded and remodeled to its present-day appearance. In 1968, Freudenstein Castle went to Bernhard Walterscheid-Müller, an industrialist from Cologne. This had the castle renovated around 1970 and set up as a congress and recreation center. In 1987 Dr. Hans Meraner from St. Michael. A few years later, the castle became the property of the Fink / Gostner family of entrepreneurs. The property was renovated in 2016 with great attention to detail. The dreamlike property can now be used for events of all kinds.

Open up the spirit of the centuries privately and undisturbed

/ Castle towers and halls

Lose yourself in the labyrinth of centuries-old walls and breathe the spirit of the past. Festive halls, the stylishly restored restaurant and numerous surprising insights and views welcome you.

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